Advanced Order Book Matching Algorithm

Coinezi offers an intuitive interface with real-time order books, charting tools, trade history, and a simple order process so you can trade easy.

No Fee Trading

Coinezi offers no fee USDT trading for 5 of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, EOS and NYC. No trading fees, no monthly fees, no membership fees, no deposit fees, no hidden fees. Unlimited daily trading volume. All other trading pairs low 0.1% trading fee.

Regulated Exchange

zMint Group OÜ holds two operating licenses with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. License Number FVR000194 {link to: } is for providing services to exchange virtual currencies against fiat currencies, and License Number FRK000162 {link to: } is for providing a virtual currency wallet service.


With security at the forefront, the Coinezi platform is bulletproof in terms of interference and intrusion. Your personal data is fully encrypted, and your funds are stored in your personal multi-signature wallet. Coinezi offers encrypted hot wallet, cold wallet, and deep frozen wallet options. The Coinezi trading platform provides robust security measures and intrusion-prevention to prevent DDoS attacks, hackers, phishing, and malware.

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An intuitive user-friendly interface, no fee trading, state-of-the-art AI and unparalleled security ensures a hassle-free buying and selling experience every time.

Frequently Asked Question

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Visit the Register section on our website and open an account as instructed.

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Since there is limited ICO supply, you can buy maximum 3500 Bitcoin per account and per order.

Get registered at our site. Buy cryptos like bitcoin or ethereum in the country you are located. Deposit them in your wallet on lorem dashboard. Buy lorem coin as the ICO begins.